Friday, January 7, 2022

Most Crew fans approve of Keita trade


Overall, my thoughts on all center back pairings in the 2021 season was that no one paired with Jonathan Mensah was quite Mensah level.

Josh Williams is a Columbus Crew paragon with 160 overall appearances. But is getting into his mid-30's.

Vito Wormgoor wasn't the same Vito after injury and is likewise near the end of career.

Aboubacar Keita as of late wasn't eye turning and the last few eye turns haven't been really the great kind.

Overall in his 38 Crew appearances Keita hasn't been bad, but not great, adequate to good?

Yet the kid is only 21 with nearly 40 Crew appearances. So, understand those that wanted to see more.

The problem at some Major League Soccer clubs is that if you're not ready to start full time and you don't have a 2nd team (Columbus Crew still) not many other options.

So, the Columbus Crew 2021 conclusion is that everything needs a bit of a retooling, recrewing? Keita fell into that mix as was unlikely to be a starting eleven selection of Porter's.

Yet Crew Twitter after the Keita trade appeared to be just one of four things "we only have three defenders!" "What are they doing!?" "Why are the Crew just trying to always improve the Rapids defense!" "Don't accept the rebrand!" lol.

I'm like is this everyone but me? 

Well, the first three. The last one, liked the old logo 1000 times more, but it's like "some are still on this?" It's done. 

On the other hand, Columbus SC and I would've been completely done. Lost me blogging for half a season still, so that's a double improvement for most 😅.

Back to the point.

Just to check. Did polls on all of my social media's just to see if Keita or $450,000 to help perhaps find someone today to pair with Mensah would be preferred:

So out of 86 Crew fans that voted on my Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook 57 of them or 66% approve of the Keita trade.

The other 34% I get too. 

But, unfortunately not much of another option if you can't solidify a starting eleven spot or have another option in house (Columbus Crew II) for reps. 

So what could be a foreseeable plan?

Williams can be your third CB, you can use your first draft pick on your 4th CB. Won't be as good as Keita, but you don't really need your 4th CB to be. Then can go out and get someone better to pair with Mensah now.

2021 wasn't working so why not try something else?

Especially if Bezbatchenko can find a Yeboah-like quality at CB somewhere.  
Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Most Crew fans approve of Keita trade


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