Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Leg 2 Preview: Columbus Crew at Monterrey


Columbus Crew were a minute and ten seconds away from going to Monterrey up 2-1. 

But I just imagine someone from New Jersey saying "thaaaat's a CONCACAF Champions League." 

Just one of those things in the history of this tournament. The Mexican team always finds the luck even if they don't play that good. 

Think if Columbus did win would like their chances. 

Think Columbus still have to like their chances in comparison at least to Toronto FC who last night went to Estadio Azteca already down 3-1. 

But, it's about time that the Columbus Crew start showing up in this 2021 season. 

They have been pathetic in Major League Soccer so far. Not so much defensively, but offensively. 

In addition, Columbus could and should have won actually 3 or 4-1 last week at home against Monterrey. 

But, instead highlight above.

Well hey we did beat Real Esteli by a lot once! 

Columbus Crew have to start manning up this season and getting some results or it may never happen. 

Time to get it together here. 

Oddly, I'm saying we win 3-1. Two goals by Alex Matan. 

Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Leg 2 Preview: Columbus Crew at Monterrey


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