Monday, April 19, 2021

Crew starts 2021 sprint off with 0-0 tie


That was one of the better 0-0 ties I've seen in a while. 

Great 0-0 ties bring about the same joy as a viewable romantic movie to me. Not much. 

Would a win have been much more gratifying? Yes. Am I terribly upset? I don't think. 

It's too early to read much into. 

If you did have much of a reaction to yesterday may I remind you that both Columbus and Philadelphia grabbed the biggest trophies in 2020, so we weren't playing Austin or Cincinnati at home. 

In addition, both teams have two wins in the CONCACAF Champions League so far going in. So, the Union are not wondering into their first game of the year. 

They also don't have as much depth so have played the same roster for all three games. So as an eleven they may be more on one page currently. 

Yet, that starting eleven is probably one of the top four opponents Columbus could face in week one. 

Columbus should have figured them out better offensively. But they will. 

So a draw is okay. It's not a loss at home to Montreal. We did that last year and won MLS Cup. 

If is a choice, between figuring it out against the Union at home or a Massive figure it out at home against Monterrey in nine days. I'll take the latter. 

Further, believe that was much closer to the best that Philadelphia had than the best Columbus had. The Columbus Crew were somewhere between 1st gear and looking for a parking spot speed. 

Not that they weren't trying. Just not clicking on many cylinders yet. 

Some questions will take a few weeks.

How are new puzzle pieces like Perry Kitchen (who did well), Bradley Wright-Phillips, and Alexandru Matan going to get in the flow?

Will Luis Diaz begin to bring more goals and assists if he starts until Molino is back? 

The guy has great moments but doesn't seem to finish chances.

Will the injury bug that has begun with a fury get some Raid or continue? 

We will see depending on the severity of Pedro Santos's substitution injury yesterday.

We may have to start praying to Jobu.
We may have to start praying to Jobu.

Columbus Crew isn't the finished product yet. I just hope the yellow polygons can sustain their depth to get the chance to get there.

Aidan Morris is gone already for 2021 with an ACL injury. Molino is still about 5 to 7 weeks away.

The one thing that wouldn't surprise me is if we see much more of Alexandru Matan over the coming weeks on that left wing. Perhaps faster than expected.

The one thing I thought was missing in the 1st half was passing connectivity in midfield. 

Luis Diaz is on his island. Pedro Santos is on his island. Lucas Zelarayan is on his. 

None did bad on their islands... But I wouldn't mind seeing someone who could connect with Zelarayan more in midfield, build more possession in that part of the field compared to just a quick one touch. 

Regardless, my thoughts are a tie against a good team home or away isn't a disaster. That was the main goal, not to begin the season in a Steve Clark inception format.

Looking on, Major League Soccer really helped us (don't say that much) by giving Columbus Crew a bye for Week 2.

As for example, Philadelphia has to play Inter Miami late at night this upcoming Saturday and then Atlanta United three days later in the CONCACAF Champions League next Tuesday. 

Columbus has nothing else to focus on until Monterrey at home in nine days on April 28th. 

And that should be the main focus currently. Getting to the next CONCACAF round in August. 

After those games we have about 3 and a 1/2 months just to focus on Major League Soccer. We will be fine there too.

Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Crew starts 2021 sprint off with 0-0 tie


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