Monday, July 13, 2020

Five Performances from Crew 4 - FCC 0

MOTM has a ⭐ by his name


A few of the missed goal scoring opportunities so far from around the league in this tournament:

Confused why Atlanta United took the following miss as a good thing?

Have been multiple comparable gaffes in this tournament so far.

In contrast, Zardes has 2 shots in this tournament, 2 goals.

Zardes had a six goal drop off from 19 goals in 2018 with the Columbus Crew, to 13 goals in 2019. 

In 2020, 3 games in Zardes has 3 goals.

Zardes is likely content with Cincinnati randomly coming up as the third game this season. 

Zardes's second goal against Cincinnati wasn't an easy finish. Was a perfect first touch:

His first goal against Cincinnati was a chance that should be finished but unlike a lot of others in this tournament it was.

Especially with the addition of Zelarayan service, if the amount of games is anything like a regular season can see a 20 goal plus season for Zardes with relative ease

Excellent start. 

2. Youness Mokhtar 

Quietly had a great game. 

Youness had two great turnovers defensively early on when FC Cincinnati were still in the game. 

A lot of smart decisions, touches throughout. 

And a smooth finish. 

Didn't have a chance to get completely online, comfortable last year in half a season. See Mokhtar playing a bigger role in 2020.


Even though Zelarayan doesn't play for LAFC or Atlanta United, should have Goal of the Week. 

Could be hard for Major League Soccer but can't ignore obvious perfection. Can you?

Zelarayan was a handful even without the goal and the assist. 

Will give him the as his goal was the catalyst for the Crew's big win.

He is what a Designated Player should be. 

FC Cincinnati should take notes as Yuya Kubo or Siem de Jong. Um yikes. 

4. Jonathan Mensah

4-0 win with 3rd choice left back, 3rd choice center back, no Pedro Santos, four or five other players missing, two homegrown players making their debut. 

Jonathan Mensah is now the Columbus Crew captain and couldn't disagree at all.

Vito goes down. You don't have Valenzuela or his backup Francis (good work by Hector Jimenez btw). No problem. Shutout.

I think we will be successful regardless, a deeper team compared to the 2019 version but just wanted to say thank you MLS. 

That's the sort of opponent you want to start with in this tournament, build from.

Think it will be difficult for FC Cincinnati to be as bad the next two games.  

5. Aboubacar Keita 

Vito injury 17 minutes in. 

Looks about as serious in below image, as it did on television:

But thankfully Aboubucar Keita is the real deal, quite mobile for a center back. Thought he had an excellent game on short notice.

Short notice games didn't work as great for some others.

Also Mensah was excellent as usual. Thought the two did well together. Deserving shutout.

Josh Williams, a guy several Crew fans have quite a lot of faith in, is now your third until Vito comes back.

Keep rolling.
Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Five Performances from Crew 4 - FCC 0


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