Sunday, July 19, 2020

Columbus Crew vs. New York Red Bulls Ratings

My Man of the Match is our Captain Jonathan Mensah 
Columbus currently have 8 goals forwarded and 1 allowed. Everyone has stepped up when their number has been called.

At full health, we have Afful, Mensah, Wormgoor, and Valenzuela. With Cadden, Keita, Williams, Francis, and Jimenez to come in. Don't find that, that suspect?

Just FYI, the Portland Timbers were at 3 goals forwarded and 4 goals allowed four games into their 2015 season . -1, were at +7, allowing one goal in four games in 2020 so go continue to prove a point Crew defense. ๐Ÿ‘

ELOY ROOM (7): Has to get a 7 as long as he keeps getting shutouts, even though he didn't face a shot. ๐Ÿ˜…

CHRIS CADDEN (6): A 6 is probably harsh as him and Santos connected for just about all the attacks of the first half on the right side. But it improves.

I think it took all new guys (Cadden, Berhalter, Etienne) either 20 minutes or a half to get going.

JOSH WILLIAMS (7): Next guy in. Has 131 appearances overall for the Columbus Crew. Nice to see at 32 hasn't lost his ability to contribute big. 

JONATHAN MENSAH (8): Put Keita and Afful next to me. Put Cadden and Williams next to me the following game. No problem. Two shutouts. Glad we have him as captain because not sure I would call Trapp a leader in the same sense as not getting into anyone's face, bit quiet.

HECTOR JIMENEZ (7): So you are what may be considered the third choice left back and you have helped make two shutouts in two games happen. ๐Ÿ‘

With 127 appearances since 2014 has carved out quite the Crew career. 

SEBASTIAN BERHALTER (6): Think Berhalter started out under pressure as NYRB highlighted the 19 year old as someone to attack when on the ball. But a hell of a 60 minutes for a 19 year old. I'll take more please.

DARLINGTON NAGBE (8): Just so good. About his heatmap all game:

DERRICK ETIENNE JR. (6): This goes way up if he set his feet and finished that first half chance but goes up in the 2nd half. Grew into the game.

PEDRO SANTOS (7.5, assist): So back on the field finally and in the first half lays up a perfect assist for Zardes. Okay.

LUCAS ZELARAYAN (7): Did his usual good stuff. Goes up of course in the second half. 

GYASI ZARDES (8): Four goals in four games, first Crew player to do that since Brian McBride. 

Gyasi's finishing has just been on an upgraded level so far this year. If it continues and the games continue, big year ahead.

ELOY ROOM (8): Just gets an 8 for somehow getting through those last 10 minutes and still getting a shutout.

CHRIS CADDEN (8): Was awesome overall. Definitely will be useful.


JONATHAN MENSAH (9): Just excellent defending. MOTM 

HECTOR JIMENEZ (8): Such a use for Columbus overall. 

AIDAN MORRIS (7): Had a great 23 minutes. Had some good tackles, really went for things. Was no extreme drop off even with Nagbe out. Think deserves a start as well in next game.

ARTUR (6): Nothing bad but nothing super notable. 

LUIS DIAZ (6): Same, nothing bad but nothing super notable.

DERRICK ETIENNE JR. (8): Definitely grew into the game as it went along. Had a wonderful run down the left side and instead of being greedy, sat on the ball, and then set up Zelarayan with a brillant pass for the goal to give Columbus some comfort.

If a player can get a goal or an assist in most Crew games you're doing good. 

LUCAS ZELARAYAN (8.5): Has to go up a bit with that 2nd half goal.

YOUNESS MOKHTAR (7.5): Would've received a 10 if his one magic dribble and chip went in. But regardless nice substitute appearance again. Really starting to grow into this team.

FANENDO ADI (6): Hey what can you really do in 8 minutes? Just glad to see him. Hope Adi gets an opportunity to make some impression before we can't afford him any longer.

OVERALL: ROOM (7.5), CADDEN (7), WILLIAMS (7), MENSAH  (8.5), JIMENEZ (7.5), NAGBE (8), ARTUR (6), BERHALTER (6), MORRIS (7), ETIENNE JR. (7), SANTOS (7.5), DIAZ (6), MOKHTAR (7.5), LUCAS ZELARAYAN (7.75), ZARDES (8), ADI (6)
Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Columbus Crew vs. New York Red Bulls Ratings


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