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Columbus Crew 2 General Manager is Corey Wray

Bezbatchenko and Wray working Soccernomics in the past for Toronto FC. Now to be reunited at Columbus Crew.

In a rather remarkable rise up a sport's teams front office ladder, Corey Wray went from being the fresh out of college intern to becoming Toronto FC's Assistant GM.


Wray's internship began with Toronto FC in 2006 when the club commenced. Wray continued with TFC until his eventual ascent to their Assistant GM position in 2017. 


"For me, to be here since Day 1, and to work my way up from an intern, and even before that as someone who dreamed to work at a soccer club anywhere in the world, to just go through this journey has been pretty remarkable." 


Now Wray will continue that progress at the Columbus Crew under his former boss Tim Bezbatchenko. Tim made the Toronto to Columbus swap a year prior as General Manager.


Wray will become the Columbus Crew 2 General Manager, along with continuing as Assistant Manager to Bezbatchenko's General Manager role for the senior team. 

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Before Wray was Assistant General Manager at TFC, he was involved in building up the Toronto FC academy along with nearly everything else.

Shortly after BMO Field officially opened in Toronto, Wray was hired on full time as the Coordinator of Team Operations, developing player pathways, providing administrative support  and working on building the Toronto FC Academy, the Major League Soccer club's development system.

"The league at the time put out a mandate that our club was to create the academy structure and look at best practices. I was proud to be a part of that as I transitioned roles with the team," said Wray. 

 Wray has been through it all at Toronto FC. 

"I've been told that [I should write a tell-all book]. I know where all the bodies are buried."

Toronto FC failed to make the playoffs in each of their first eight season in MLS, hired and then fired coaches, and the player turnover was massive - tested Wray's resolve, too.

"We all struggled with it from a morale standpoint. We always had good people in here behind the scenes, and they were trying, but sometimes it just wasn't working. We either didn't have the patience to stick with something, or we stuck with things too long. The league was growing so rapidly that we were always trying to catch up. Sometimes we were just making decisions too quickly or not quickly enough."

But eventually Wray was paramount in helping build Toronto FC into a success.

The 35 year old Wray will now continue his career by helping to build Columbus Crew 2. Welcome!
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Columbus Crew 2 General Manager is Corey Wray


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