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Nordecke History: Early days of Nordecke supporter displays

There were banners before of course. 

However, in synchronicity with the  Nordecke's creation, 2008 and 2009 efforts got the artistic side of soccer fandom in Columbus, Ohio moving downhill I believe.  

Most of the rail banners were Rick Thomas's handiwork then.

On my end, my first one wasn't magnificient at all.

And had my parents thinking I was relatively insane for doing literally.

Yet started the ball rolling on my end.

For the playoffs against the Chicago Fire in 2008 I tried again with an elaborate concept and such a professional mockup. 😅⬇️

Didn't come out exactly like my above design. 

But the most important task to accomplish then was a visible attempt:

The two to the left were mine the first one was the previous used one, next one was Rick Thomas's doing, threw in the team jersey just to have something covering more area, CSU's additions were to the right.

Was something. The first attempt at a significant crowd banner display in the Nordecke.

Becomes addictive. 

Because Toronto brought it hard for the opener in 2008. I and some others wanted something big for the 2009 opener against them. My idea submission on BigSoccer was to get a massive two stick display rolling.

My thoughts were everyone can make their own. No need for a big gathering as we weren't organized then to do one.

Some were on board, some not so much.

Mine with mixed results lol but hey freehanded:

Rick's used a projector I figure so much better results:


Many others brought one or two and led to this:

Afterwards, with help from others (Blake Compton, Jeromi Rogers, Kevin McCullough, and etc.) finally got more into the projector game. 

Made these banners with those guys, Compton's warehouse space definitely was awesome at that time:

Ugh a strange idea on my end lol:

But got the banner life moving: 

This one was put together on a bar rooftop in Columbus. Whichever Crew bar was in front of Kroger in German Village for a bit then:

On my end didn't have the projector life going on by myself so eventually got pretty decent at freehanding:

Nordecke one to right above was me as well and below freehanded these for CCL against Cruz Azul:
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All of these images and more can be found here from back then. LINK.

I got out of the banner game by 2010. I'm sure others have had shambolic first attempts and then better ones. 

If you feel like sharing feel free and will make another post.

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Nordecke History: Early days of Nordecke supporter displays


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