Friday, August 16, 2019

Why FC Cincinnati should just change their name to Dutch Lions USA.

The 2010 Dutch Lions image contains two FC Cincinnati minority owners and now FC Cincinnati's Assistant Coach.

I worked for Dayton Dutch Lions FC in their inaugural season in 2010. Which was at the time in the Premier Development League.

The Premier Development League is now known as USL League 2.

Regardless it's usually a league for college players or fresh out of college players who are still developing, or trying to develop.

These youngsters will not give up yet on their dreams even though some probably should.

But unlike the Cleveland Internationals (mainly Cleveland State University kids like Josh Williams and University of Akron kids), the Indiana Invaders, Michigan Bucks, and every other PDL team that had zero professionals...

The Dayton Dutch Lions in 2010 were half-American college, or just out of college kids mixed with oddly enough nine Dutch professionals.

Former ADO Den Haag's Geert den Ouden.

Former Netherlands international goalkeeper and AZ Alkmaar star Oscar Moens.

FC Zwolle's Ivar van Dinteren

Who played in 2010 for Dayton Dutch Lions FC and then became their Head Coach the next two seasons.

Ivar was today oddly enough named as FC Cincinnati's new Assistant Coach.

And then the introduction presentation the Dayton Dutch Lions owners, Mike Mossel and Erik Tammer gave to American players  in 2010 popped into my head. 

These Dutch innovators who came to the Midwest to teach the Americans football said they wanted to go much, much higher than the PDL, to USL, and perhaps MLS one day. 

They had a very in-depth presentation on how they wanted to develop and then sell players overseas to Netherlands of course or elsewhere.

It was insanely in depth, most of this was over my 24 year old American head and everyone else's in there.

I'm just like they won't be able to be successful in Major League Soccer as Dutch Lions USA, ask Chivas USA.

But with the same colors and the same Lion as "FC Cincinnati." Sure.

Anyways, at the time I didn't have much inner belief Dayton Dutch Lions would find much success in Dayton with 3,000 to 5,000 attendance.

I think they hit that mark once for their opener.

But being super successful in Dayton possibly was never the true goal.

They said it was. That they picked Dayton because it has one of the biggest youth soccer tournaments and etc.

But Mossel and Tammer are minority owners in FC Cincinnati and I think have a lot more to do with where they are going visually and in a soccer sense.

As someone inserted the Dutch Gerard Nijkamp over Jeff Berding as General Manager for his soccer expertise. Berding remains President for his business and branding expertise.

Then someone inserted a Dutch Head Coach in Ron Jans.

Then someone inserted the old Dayton Dutch Lions Head Coach as FC Cincinnati's Assistant Coach today in Ivar van Dinteren. 

Things are getting just a bit Dutch around there.

Doubt that was Carl Lindner or his people.

Basically think Mossel, Tammer make all the soccer moves and Lindner, Berding, etc. make all the money moves.

After the half Dutch professional team in 2010, the Dayton Dutch Lions went exclusively to American and non-Dutch international college players (as well as Columbus Crew loanees) from 2011 on.

They went up to the USL Pro from 2011 to 2014 and then not surprisingly back to the PDL/USL 2 from then on.

I believe those moves were mainly to get a better understanding of the different levels below Major League Soccer.
Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Why FC Cincinnati should just change their name to Dutch Lions USA.


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  1. Well said! I still to this day try and analyze my short tenure at the beginning of their venture.