Sunday, September 3, 2017

Norwegian Manager Continues Lack of Respect for MLS

Or apparently any Norwegian that scores. 
As he's bypassed Ola and his 30 goals. Then hasn't even heard of a player that scored six goals in four games in relative neighbor Denmark. Link.
The article then goes into Ola. Who would likely get more play with his 30 goals in MLS if he played for Spain (Villa) or Belgium (Ciman) or Mexico (dos Santos times 2) or Sweden (Svennson).
Another point that impresses is Ola Kamara, who last weekend scored his 14th goal for the season in the Columbus Crew in MLS.
The Nordmann has scored steadily since joining the Ohio club in 2016, and declared to Nettavisen before the national matches against the Czech Republic and Sweden in June that he deserved to be part of the squad.
"When I look at the competition I have, I do not think it's wrong to say I deserved it, " said the 27-year-old.
However, he was not taken out at the time, nor is he part of the squad meeting Azerbaijan on Friday and Germany on Monday in World Cup qualifying group C.
In June, the national team manager Lagerbäck admitted to VG that he was not "expert at the American league" and that he has not seen so much MLS football in recent years.
"But I know people who have been there and who are there now, and everybody says the American league is very uneven. It's very up and down," said the Swedish newspaper.

I hate to break it to you but it's likely a better level than the Norwegian Tippeligaen.
Now Lagerbäck says he has more grounds to consider Kamara, who is still waiting for his chance to return to the national team which he has not been taken out since March 2014.
"Ola, we have followed many matches. I have seen him in five whole matches, I think. He believes that we have quite good control," says Lagerbäck, who, however, prefers Joshua King, Alexander Sørloth, Bjørn Maars Johnsen and Tarik Elyounoussi to battle against Azerbaijan and Germany.
With Norwegian Nicolai Naess going straight from in Lagerbeck's opinion craptastical MLS to the Dutch Eredivise perhaps Lagerbeck will do a double take.

"Perhaps Columbus can get Norwegian players to a good level?" 

Or perhaps he'll get fired shortly since Norway has struggled rather dramatically through qualifiers.


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