Friday, August 11, 2017

Who is the extra international roster spot for? Rodrigo Saravia? Someone else?

Speaking of Rodrigo Saravia could it be for him?

Playing in Europe was always my dream and I reached it. It has been a difficult year, I will not lie to you about certain things that have happened but I think I have been able to manage them in the best way. In the United States, you live very comfortably, you don´t realize all the facilities that you have living there, and in Guatemala it is a different theme for what I mentioned before, living with my family and being able to see them every day is priceless. The good thing about living outside is that you learn to appreciate many more things in life.

Columbus will not be acquiring anyone from the allocation list. 

Or of course any other transfers from another international opponent. Transfer window is closed.

The only other option is for that 11th spot to be filled by an international free agent or an international loaned player before September 15th.

Or by recalling Saravia.

Why pick up one more international spot this season if something wasn't planned?

Saravia started and played 73 minutes for IK Frej in a 3-2 loss on Wednesday. 

Before that the last time he played was 28 minutes as a substitute, 3 games prior on July 23rd.

He has four appearances for Frej out of their 18 games, after being out for 2 months with a metatarsal injury. 


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