Thursday, August 31, 2017

Good news for Crew SC's Ghana Crew as Uganda gets First Win over Egypt since 1965

Only one team gets into the World Cup in this group. There is no second place.

Therefore, Uganda perhaps saved Ghana hopes today going into tomorrow's week of action for them, two games against Congo. 

By not allowing Egypt to run away with Group E.

Ghana will play Congo twice starting at 11:30 am tomorrow at home. Then again on the road on Tuesday September 5th. 

Two wins for Ghana in those matches would put them at 7 points.

Egypt and Uganda face off again as well on Tuesday in Egypt and the hopeful result there would likely be a tie. 

That would put Ghana on a solid plane again.

With the remaining two matches after being a chance to dispel both. Uganda first away and then the finale at home against Egypt. 

Expect quite an atmosphere for tomorrow:


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