Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Most exciting scenario? GSH's for 8/9..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Most exciting scenario?
I think a second striker that could score often could have helped put Crew SC over the line the rest of the season.

If Nemeth is that why not take him? 

Instead we will take New England's allocation spot right behind us. To stay #1 in the allocation order after the Nemeth deal.

More importantly will gain $350,000.

Ok great.

But the allocation spot now is like having a trip to a magical land of fairies and unicorns; as does not matter since the transfer season is over the rest of the year.

Some money is never a bad thing.  Unless a club doesn't use the money well.

Which is up for some debate the last time we received money from New England.

We somehow still have a way to let New England do their deal first today.

We still somehow stayed number one.

Got Aron Johannsson somehow after. 😅

Will not happen unless you awoke in Crew heaven. 

However, could be genius if anyone on that list is available as a free agent, loanee?

Regardless, I don't think it's been bad business today. I'll just hold out my "holy cow" praise for a bit. 

The biggest news of the day

I love Finlay for his effort over the years, he's done some great work for Crew SC since he began in 2012.


But was unaware of the supreme totality of the Crew fan love for him until today.

A bit odd since no Crew fan really would like him at RM anymore.

But, of course wish Finlay the best with Minnesota and think especially since it's his home state is the place for him.

In addition, hopefully we do something with the $650,000 k we received today for uh the next two years.

Wouldn't be a bad way to honor. We'll see.


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