Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Artur's Columbus Crew Future To Be Discussed Next Week

A meeting will take place next week between the club that owns Artur, Sao Paulo FC, and Artur's agent, Edson Netto, to see if there is any future to Artur with SPFC next year or if SPFC and Artur should pursue another loan.

Which would unlikely be in Columbus. Link.

Artur has a contract until the end of Major League Soccer (MLS), is highly praised, but wants new airs for next season. In the United States, the scorer played 18 matches, being 15 as a starter, and gave two assists. He still had a fractured left wrist and had surgery. 

I'm assuming though however Columbus Crew SC has a buyout clause and can enact it if they want.

If they do they should regardless.

Would like more information on buyout clause? There has been some discussion on it in this Reddit post by a Sao Paulo fan inquiring on Crew SC fan interest in Artur and saying that SPFC fans still want him at least.

Therefore, confused on how a few loan deals work in general?

If the main team decides at any time they want the player back, is he back?

Yes. I would say.

Yet, if they want to loan him elsewhere after but there is a buyout clause for the current team he is loaned to and the team that he is loaned to wants the player and pay the price then he is theirs regardless? Right?

Appears to be tricky if you read the SPFC article. But, could just be a decision between SPFC and the agent that if the Crew do not buy him out, will he return to SPFC or be loaned elsewhere?

Quite simply.

Because if SPFC doesn't want Artur in their first team yet. Not sure how they could do any loan elsewhere if the Crew SC want to enact the buyout clause.

If Crew SC didn't enact the buyout clause, they would have to be dense not to. 

Especially since it's unlikely to be more than the $2.2 million that Crew SC tried to give for Murillo. 

Artur has already proved a greater worth with Crew SC this season.


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