Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What about another current Portuguese league loanee in Quintero?

"My agent is in the U.S, negotiating," Quintero said. "When this is reached I am going to say goodbye to Independiente Medellin with much love and sadness."

"The business with Porto needs to be completed as they own my rights and they have their economic concerns," he said.

We've obviously have had our sights in Portugal attempting to acquire Jhon Murillo from Benfica.

Could we have moved our interest to another Portuguese league loannee? Juan Quintero from Porto was rumored to be headed to the Chicago Fire. Quintero is currently on loan from Porto in Colombia with Independiente Medellin.

It was mentioned a few days back that several MLS clubs had an interest.

Then Chicago pulled ahead speculatively. But..

He's usually an attacking midfielder and left footed so not sure how that would work. But, who knows.

"There are various possibilities and I like the United States more," Quintero said. "The idea is an option to purchase so I can stay there as a [Designated Player] player, and I have a lot of hope for that."

He looks good in yellow.

However, The price and his position means it isn't us (could be as high as $7.5 million for transfer fee, and Quintero's salary would be at least $3.5m) for an attacking midfielder in Quintero when we have one doing pretty great. Yeah unlikely and that's okay.

But makes you wonder though about us if we can't up the Murillo bid just a tad, but other MLS clubs can fork out $7.5 million on transfer fee alone. 

That's $11 million in total.

Whereas, Murillo is probably $3 million in total.

I mean hooray I guess that were willing to spend 1/4 what other MLS clubs are willing to. 


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