Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sometimes just isn't your day.

On yesterday's game..

I don't think the defense was particularly bad.

I don't think the offense was either. 

Crew SC seemed to create even more opportunities while down to ten men. 

In addition, not interested in joining any Mensah target practice. 

Think Mensah played rather well again before his red.

On his red, even if Sapong went down a bit easy was more than likely a penalty.

Yet, it kept the Crew in the game for another thirty minutes before they were dismantled near the end. 

The missed penalty kept us at 1-0.
Which even down to ten men is better than 2-0. 

On the two slaps to Ilsonho where he rolled around like a baby... 

What grown man gets slapped by another man and then rolls around on the ground for 10 minutes?


Abubukar didn't like jam his finger into Ilsonho's eye and try to pop out an eyeball? 

I don't think.

Nowhere else in this world is the reaction from getting slapped by another man a gunshot wound except in soccer.

Both were fouls. 

The red card was because the referee probably replayed the foul at half and knew he was wrong so overreacted.

MLS referees kicking ass again. 

Another thing I saw.

People say "this is why we miss Higuain!?" on our lack of goals with him injured. 

I miss him but think it has more to do with the formation.

The reason the offense isn't as good with three in the back is because we have no attacking midfielder controlling things in the middle. 

I would like to see Meram at AM, Manneh at LM, Martinez at RM and see if were still scoring 2 goals in 3 games. 

I think where three in the back may have been better for the defense. Could've also have helped that Minnesota and Philadelphia are crap opponents. 

Philadelphia's roster looks like the cast of The Longest Yard with Ilsonho, Onyewu still playing, Daberg, Mfhjdisin Dutch guy.

Also, three in the back doesn't help the offense because it's really 7 in the back. 

It's at times 5 in the back and at times 2 defenders in midfield..

Add to that 2 defensive midfielders. 😅 There's about nothing offensive about it. 

My only annoyance is that whenever the Crew have a real chance to turn a corner. Being 11 points ahead of Philadelphia is better than 5. They don't. 


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