Thursday, July 20, 2017

GSH's 7/20.. All Quiet on The Columbus Front

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Only thing I found were near acquisitions from four years ago.

All Quiet on the Columbus Front

We got a new international spot for $50,000 from DC United. I figured there would be two or three rumors sprouting up by now.

I even hit up Google News Estonia, Google News Hong Kong, Google News Slovenia, and Google News Japan (as the usual ones had nothing) and tried every Columbus Crew search imaginable on Twitter. 

Even looked up Jhon Murillo, Lucas Gamba, and Muhamed Keita on both.

Even tired to add Rico Moreira, Head of Recruitment on Instagram. As he liked my video on IG of Artur from Monday's friendly. 

Tried to follow as he might oddly post photos of new Crew acquisitions on his private IG first, yeah right... 😅 

But no dice. Understand why it may not be smart to accept a follow from Crewture as the Head of Recruitment. 😉 Was worth a shot. 

Here's an article I posted about Moreira during the Brazil trip if you want to know more on him. Link.

Moreira is Brazilian as well. Made that deal happen.

If one good thing was going to come out of this time of the year it would be an attempt to make that Artur loan permanent. 

But overall, this has been the most quiet it's been all year oddly.

Google Netherlands only had a few interesting things

I figured well perhaps we put down all of our cash on Wesley Sneijder. 😅

Never really check the Netherlands but who knows, found stranger stuff.

Oddly were a couple interesting stories there..

Apparently the Dayton Dutch Lions, Cincinnati Dutch Lions owners (who I know and worked for in 2010) are also co-owners in FC Cincinnati.

The team is majority owned by Carl Lindner but apparently the Dutch Lions are telling people in Netherlands they play a role in this attempt to recruit Dutch players in a tryout.

 Dutch Lions FC is also co-owner of the Cincinnati ambitious FC, which plays in the first division and coached by former international and American soccer legend John Harkes. In the first year FC Cincinnati drew an average of 18,000 spectators at home games. 

The above link also mentions Bas Ent and his trial with Toronto FC to try to entice players to trial. I made the following video for him and then had to make it again without music for teams.

As far as FC Cincinnati, I always felt their logo was a bit Dutch Lion like. Same colors, appears to be a Lion.

Image result

Dayton apparently will play a role in Cincinnati's bid according to this link as well.

Another interesting story from the Netherlands. Apparently we were close to signing a Vincent Weijl, who once was a Liverpool product, in 2013. Link.

"I signed with SC Cambuur. Initially I played quite often, but later I went to the bank. Then I spent a year without a club. I actually went to the US and also have three-month internship at Columbus Crew. I was there sign a contract, at a pretty low salary an adventure in America seemed rather nice it would look good on my resume:... play in the MLS, but there were problems with my visa, so I finally had to leave the country."

Last excuse gone

Berhalter apologists all year have said "well.. Were still a playoff team so." 

Even though other teams behind in the standings always had about two games in hand on us.

Finally those other teams have been able to push ahead despite our winning and losing two or three since we started 4-2-1. 

Now apparently we have to win some games to be in the playoffs now.

Lets see if now with that last "well were still in a good spot" gone. If it amplifies the pressure a bit more.

Because no matter the pressure Crew fans think they've put on the situation... Berhalter's job has never been up for debate all year. 

Berhalter is Precourt's man. 

Could change if we don't start getting some wins now that were out of the playoffs again if they don't come quick and often.


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