Monday, July 3, 2017

Finally a crowd and do that?

"eh.. well.. yeah."

20,391 fans showed up on Saturday which is rare.

The Crew SC response to that was a very non-compelling performance from all. 

A 2-0 shutout loss at home. Which will probably let everyone in Columbus that came know what there missing!

Not much.

Sure we still hold the last playoff spot by a win.

But, Red Bulls and Union have two games in hand. Montreal has three!

The Crew's game at Minnesota United tomorrow will make it three games in hand and four.

One of those three teams will get it together and overdo our rousing points per month lately. 

If you had to make a bet with a bookie for this game, the next was about a winner.

Jonathan Mensah struggles as Columbus Crew SC's defensive woes continue

Probably because two of our best defenders cannot see the field. 

Jonathan Mensah - Columbus Crew SC - looks upfield while playing the ball

Because with Columbus "he who is paid the most, plays the most."

This response to the above article got it right and is a hint to the two best CB's we have... is a secret...

When Naess-Crognale played together most we were 4-2-1.

Naess is the type of CB you need most if your playing a possession style game out of the back.

Could someone in the news ask Berhalter why he forgot about Crognale? And then added Naess to the list?

Did they do anything wrong?

Incorrect Berhalter decision? Well. Yeah 

Really? Just like there is no incorrect Crew SC decision?

So we'll just continue to play everything out for as long as possible until it finally changes... Which you know if you want to bet again would likely be never.

MOTM: Was trying to film this game with my pro camera so put in for another media pass a few months back and was denied earlier this week. 

So, said eh screw it, didn't go as traveled to the Cincinnati game a few weeks prior from Pa. 

Well, glad I missed that one. Thanks.


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