Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Nice Road Win. More Could Come With Simple Solutions

Abubukar looked good and useful. Good debut.

I think every game that the Crew have played three in the back with two wing backs farther up has been a shutout win.

Was the case yesterday and against DC United earlier this year.

There may have been a game in between that started out well with three in the back but didn't go our way in the end. Could have been another win as well? not 100% sure.

Anyone got the official W-L count on us with three backs?

But it appears to be a pretty successful formation overall when we use it. Therefore, why don't the Crew play it more than every 3 months?

**Oddly were better defensively in a 3-5-2 as well.

2 of our 5 shutouts this year have came with it. And we've played the formation at the most 3 times.

So maybe every other MLS team has our 4-5-1 (that we've played for the last four seasons) sorted out and is less used to this new Crew formation?


Let it play out into some wins until other teams eventually get used to it and then change it up again.

Need to stop trying to recapture honeymoon memories over the same formation. Opponents get used to how your playing, happens in soccer, so change it more often.

**You cannot force what is not working to work.

The quicker Berhalter gets to that the finer him and the Crew will be.

After that deflating home loss, I'm sure a lot of the changes had more to do with having a game two days later; as it was a good time to try some other things because why not? But if they work don't throw them out.

I'm just hopeful some things were learned.

1. Manneh needs to be on the field more. Not for Meram but we need to figure some way out to successfully put him in there for Finlay.

I'm not giving up on Finlay. Think he has talent and could be a nice spark sub. But his statistics lately call for him to be a sub currently.

When he gets a few assists, goals then start him again.

2. PLAY CROGNALE. PLAY NAESS. PLAY ABUBUKAR. Williams isn't bad but just not bad depth.

Mensah wasn't a terrible acquisition. I can see the thoughts there and he may have a role but currently it's not as A STARTER.

Which is fine.

3. If we win with something. Continue with it.

Go with what works until it doesn't.

Minnesota United franchise a bit of a swing and a whiff?

Minnesota United is in their rookie MLS season.

Their 4th of July game had an attendance of 18,564 which was 1,827 less than even the Crew (20,391 on Saturday) in their 4th of July week game.

And it's your ROOKIE SEASON.

Put that on top of that crap turf field with the big Minnesota Gophers M. Yuck. Like going back into a time machine to 2000 MLS.

FC Cincinnati would be a home run compared to that.


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