Monday, June 19, 2017

Writing is Now on the Wall for me

He's not a terrible coach with no ideas. They just need to be ironed out with a few more experiences. Just time for a new adventure for both.

Personally try not to jump to conclusions like past Crewture me. 😄😅 

We started the year off at 4-2-1 and I truly thought okay 2016 was just other teams improving and us staying about as the same as a team can get. 

Other than Emil Larsen which um yeah...
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And Ola Kamara which YEAH! 
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Those two offseason acquisitions between 2015 and 2016 describes Berhalter for me completely. 

Either fantastic, terrible, or fantastically confusing.

Either gloriously fantastic (Ola, Naess, Artur, Steffen) or gloriously terrible (Larsen, Kristin Steindorsson, Abu) or gloriously confusing (Mabwati, Pogatetz, Manneh, Mensah as a DP, Duka again).

And just not very consistent. Like some of the year it would be okay to just be okay. 😅

REALLY. Major League Soccer is about the only league where you can be just okay most of the year and win the league trophy. Seattle Sounders for most of last year anyone. Us in 2015.

2015 us were nowhere close to the 2008 us so lets get that straight and let that Berhalter magic go some please.

And it's understandable why we didn't roster update as much as most in MLS last year, could you blame Berhalter as we were a game away from 2008-like glory even if we didn't have the same level of greatness on our team.

And I was still holding out hope when we were still a playoff team this year.

But with another loss against Atlanta United in two weeks probably can FINALLY RID OURSELVES OF THAT EXCUSE TOO not to make a change.

Watching the game after work on Saturday I'm like were down 1-0. 

But turned on my phone for a sec beforehand and saw a lot of like notifications on Twitter before watching the game and was like that seems positive.

And we were killing it with wide open chance after wide open chance so literally thought there is no way we don't win this.

Ethan Finlay has wide open chance one. Miss. Wide open chance two. Miss. A couple other wide open misses by others including a header miss by Mensah.


YOU ARE PAID TO CONVERT A ONE ON ONE CHANCE AGAINST THE GOALIE. If I'm mistaken on that how about at least 50% of the time? 40% of the time? Hell even 30% would've been good enough for a win.

As far as Ethan Finlay either decide he is the man and hire him like a master self-help coach/motivator and stop signing possible replacements. Or go with a possible replacement Manneh, Mabwati before. JUST F'ING PICK ONE. 

Or just mess with Finlay's head and everyone else that may replace him. That's worked well.

Posted on by Hardhead, Crew defender Emmanuel Pogatetz a few years back.

"Now I watch the games and I’m convinced it’s not about personnel. That doesn’t matter. I think it’s the system we play. Sometimes we get exposed, and that’s what happened in the last game. I feel in the last game especially it didn’t matter who played on the field. We could’ve brought in some of the best defenders and I think we would still concede five goals because it’s about spacing, it’s about team defending and so that’s what I learned, that I shouldn’t take it personally and that it’s sometimes difficult with the style we play.

Sometimes you get exposed. Yes I did make mistakes like the other defenders did, but show me one defender in the league that doesn’t. It’s not all about individuals, and that’s something I learned that’s also helped me to progress and go forward."

"2-1 down. We bring on Jahn and Abu and take off Higuain and Artur. That's just surrendering right there. Utterly horrible."
-Placid Casual

The fantastic on Berhalter is just not consistent enough and lately is a flash in the pan.

We started off the year at 4-2-1, since then were 3-8 in all competitions.

The year before we were 8-14-12 (add to that another Open Cup loss and 8-15-12). So over the last two years if you take out the 4-2-1, were 11-23-12. 

We were 15-11-8 in 2015 thanks to the last few months of the season. We were 17-7-6 in 2008 and won the East by 11 points.

That start this year was Berhalter's chance to capitalize and turn things around and it's now not going to happen. 

That recent 3-8 streak even includes probably a rather more important loss than it seems.. 

A loss to who will be our main future soccer fan competitor in Ohio, FC Cincinnati in front of 30,000 people.

I'm sure my face said it at times 2nd half as I traveled all the way from Western PA to see this first matchup and it was great overall. But, I saw the looks by other fans at times late in the game, um why can't we have this?!

We love our team. 

Columbus Til' I Die.

But that 2nd half in Cincinnati could also be paralleled to Berhalter's reign.. Either fantastic or fantastically bad, not much in between. 


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