Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trust Goes Both Ways

Crew second time around player Dilly Duka posted the following on Monday. It's a chart of winning percentage in games from training of each player on the Crew SC squad.

Federico Higuain is at 38%, Justin Meram is at 32%, whereas Duka is at 54%.

But then again and well more importantly Higuain has 9 goals and Meram has 8 in midfield this year.

Finlay at 1 goal is at 48%.

The 2010 Crew first round (eighth overall) pick has 138 MLS appearances and received chances, minutes on a second return last year. But has 0 appearances and 0 minutes in the MLS regular season this year.

Other Crew players put in that situation are traded. He is forgotten.

Wonder why Duka could be a bit miffed? Perplexed?

“It’s been dealt with,” Berhalter said. “We’ve talked to Dilly about it. What I’d say is there’s a huge trust built inside the locker room and you don’t want to violate that trust. That’s all I’ll say on that matter.”

Repped by former Crew, current Riverhounds player Rich Balchan

This year he has one substitute appearance in the U.S. Open Cup. 

15 minutes in that game at right back; as unable to barely get a whiff in a game where those not getting starts usually get one and in the incorrect position. 

At this point what does he have to lose?

Tony Tchani got thrown out of the 18 and was able to get traded. Since then he has 777 minutes and 10 starts with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Duka just has been forgotten on the team, whereas other second timers on the team like Josh Williams have start after start this year.

Duka to Massive Report:
“My initial tweet was competitive locker room talk, just like when players tweet their 6 a-side winning team picture. Gregg and I spoke early the next morning and discussed why it was sent out and how it was portrayed. We had a quick talk, everything was kosher. After training as I got home, a teammate sent me a text about his media response to the tweet. I was taken by surprise and not happy. He completely twisted any truth of the meaning of the tweet and said nothing about the conversation we had. Clearly it’s not a good situation.”
And a simple one.
Duka has probably decided and quite rightly his opportunities are none with Crew SC at this point.

Either he makes some noise and gets a start or minutes, or he gets traded. Can't get any worse than his season has gone with the Crew thus far.

Berhalter could make it less worse with his comments on trust and etc.


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