Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ola Says MLS Is Best League He Has Played In

Ola Kamara discussed MLS this past weekend with Dagbladet in Norway and had some great things to say about Major League Soccer. 

"The league here is probably the best I've played in, actually. I think it's better than the level in the 2nd Bundesliga. Or perhaps the top of the 2nd Bundesliga is quite similar to MLS."

 "It is a tough level in MLS. Much better than the Norwegian level."

Kamara told Dagbladet he thinks it's cool to meet players with big names, players he probably never would play against if he had been in Norway.

In December, the Norwegian arrived on the list of the ten best purchases in 2016, and his name has also been mentioned in the context of other stars in MLS. 

"There were many who had me on top three-list before the season, along with other big names. It is cool to be on the same list as players who are suitable for 50-60 million."

"I knew I had to show myself. Here's how you've got a certain relationship to just replace, because that's the way it is. I scored a lot of goals last year, and then I got respect for it. People know I'm a goal scorer, so it's gone well here."

"It's fun to play soccer here as they call it. We have 17,000 in average on our games, but I've played matches there have been 50-60,000 spectators, " Kamara told Dagbladet.
Yet there are great contrasts to the college team in the city who play American football. According to Kamara, it has 110,000 spectators on average.

"It's a little different to play football here. But it's fun."

Kamara also had the following story with Dagbladet discussing his national team chances which he thinks are slim to none now.


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