Thursday, June 1, 2017

Norwegian-American Bjorn Maars Johnsen of Hearts Picked Over Ola Kamara For Norway

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Norwegian article in Nettavision Sport describes that Ola is unlikely to be picked for Norway until a new coach is in charge. The italicized comes from that article.

As many had thought that Ola Kamara, who has scored steadily for Columbus Crew in the United States (24 goals in 34 starts), was a current man for the national team this time, in Joshua King's absence, but Lagerbäck decided quickly that he would rather give the more unknown Bjorn Maars Johnsen (6 goals in 34 starts for Hearts) a chance in this withdrawal.

Johnsen, 25, has an American mother and a Norwegian father. The 6'5 striker was born in New York City. But, luckily for Johnsen's Norwegian chances he never decided to play in America.

As Ola isn't alone on the MLS snub. 

His Columbus Crew teammate, Nicolai Naess, more than likely especially if you have witnessed his pinpoint long passing deserves a Norwegian call up and look too. 

Johnsen instead has kept to the top flights of Bulgaria (😏), Portugal, and Scotland.

On the basis of what he has seen, Lagerbäck says that Johnsen has qualities that few other Norwegians do have as of now.

"It's unusual to take out a player this way, but he has some features I have not found from other Norwegians. He has some amazing assists, and it indicates that he has a very good playing comprehension. With him, we may get a tip as we get some more games around. He is also big and strong inside the penalty area.
"I have no idea if he's good enough to play at international level, but he has qualities that are interesting," says the coach.
As Lagerbeck is apparently waiting until Norway is disqualified from World Cup qualifying to find out if Ola Kamara can help them.

Standings with five games remaining, four after they play Czech Republic on June 10th.

"We have discussed Ola, and Perry knows him a little before, while I do not know him so well. However, when we saw Johnsen we decided quite quickly that this was a man we wanted to see in the national team.
Interesting. What the US National Team will be missing out on:

The guy is 6'5, had 14 goals in 27 appearances in the Portuguese league for Atletico of Portugal in 2015, and was born in New York City so Bruce may want to get on the phone.


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