Thursday, June 8, 2017

GSH's for 6/8.. Giancarlo Gonzalez moving Italian clubs, Bostrom credits Crew SC, DCFC vs. CCSCCP

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Giancarlo Gonzalez moving Italian clubs

The Costa Rican has been with Palermo since moving from Crew SC in 2014. But, Palermo has been relegated and it appears that Pipo will be moving.

He'll be moving from relegated Palermo to 15th place Bologna according to this link.
Story in full:
For Giancarlo Gonzalez and Palermo: a goodbye has already been written.

The sale of the Pipo was defined a year ago, when Zamparini (chairman of Palermo) himself tried to find Gonzalez another club. 
However, the only team that was willing to settle for Gonzalez at the economic level was Spartak Moscow, a destination not particularly appealing to the Costa Rican who eventually remained in the shadow of Mount Pellegrino .
He hoped to play a different season from the second (2015-16) and similar to the first in pink (2014-15), but this was not the case: the Pipo still disappointed, as did almost all of Palermo's soccer players headed to Serie B.
Now is the time to schedule the future, future that for Gonzalez will no longer be in Sicily: contract expiring in 2018 and no hint of renewal. In order not to lose the former Columbus Crew, the company (new or old) has to hurry to close its divestment by the end of the market window that is about to begin. And the entourage of the player in this sense seems to have gone on with the work. According to what is filtered by Bologna, a total agreement would have been reached between Gonzalez's agent Tullio Tinti and the leadership of the top-level club.
The Pipo - writes Corriere di Bologna - is looking forward to closing with Bologna , so it is true that he has already reached an agreement on the duration of the contract and on the wager. The problem is that the rossoblu technical area manager does not yet know who to talk between Zamparini and Baccaglini (club president), considering that the player has a contract expiring in 2018. Once the Palermo- related scenario becomes clearer, then  Bologna and Gonzalez can embrace each other.

Center back trade Gonzalez for Mensah? đŸ˜‰ Get the paper work started.

Sixten Bostrom credits Crew SC for his statistical, video analysis. 

Bostrom was a Crew SC assistant for two seasons. Now he's manager of SJK of Finland.

Says his time with the Crew is the reason he's so thorough until 9 or 10 at night studying film, statistics. Link

Boström analyzes his own team and future opponents carefully, often until nine or ten in the evening. He became acquainted with the profound video analysis, especially during his years as assistant coach with the MLS team, Columbus Crew.
"We all watched the match and the opponents. Then we split the data. We were able to go to even an individual level."
"Lets say I cut clips that only had to do with our line of defense, or at times just the midfield or the like. We went even further into details. It's a bit of thinking I've tried to download here too, to have staff so we could go even deeper into detail."
Sixten even hired a football analyst to look for certain stats and perimeters of the opponent. 

SJK's staff is one of the biggest among football clubs in Finland, but quite small compared to MLS life, not to mention the big clubs around Europe. Boström immediately noticed that he lacked some kind of knowledge within the club when he arrived in February.
"I said directly when I arrived I would like to find a person who has a certain understanding of football but who is very much in the computer world and perhaps in statistics."

Currently SJK is 8th out of 12 teams, losing most recently 3-0 to Inter Turku. 

Berhalter has been to Sweden.. 

Image result for Berhalter

Next stop Finland on the 3G Scandinavian tour? đŸ˜„ Jk
Bad news guys

For the first time in three years Detroit City FC were able to beat Columbus Crew College Program (whatever that is) 3-2. Link.

In 2015 Columbus Crew College Program beat them 3-1 and in 2016 1-0. Apparently it's the only game on CCSCCP's schedule as I never heard of them playing anyone else.
Good lord if I ever need to celebrate something not very spectacular, I'll go to Detroit.

Good on them. Seriously though, 4,010 attendance.


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