Monday, June 26, 2017

Both Parties in Manneh-Tchani Trade Have a Good Saturday

Manneh watches Ola Kamara celebrate after his assist (Picture by Sam Fahmi/The Massive Report)

Tchani started with this on Saturday if you wanted to feel worse about how that trade has gone so far at that time..

Tchani has played 777 minutes for the Whitecaps this season and has 10 starts. 

The above was just his first goal but Tchani is a DM.

Then Kekuta Manneh came into the game thirty minutes later and did this.

In comparison Manneh's 21 minutes this Saturday only made 261 minutes in total for him with Columbus this year.

So even if Kekuta Manneh times his time on the field by 3, he only beats Tchani then by six minutes.

Nevertheless the result should improve things for Manneh as his goal and assist were the real difference on Saturday.

In comparison after Tony Tchani scored to put Vancouver up 2-0 over Minnesota United, they ended up tying 2-2.


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