Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bobic Defends Eintracht's Crew Trip.. FCC Opens Another Crew Section For June 14th. GSH's for 6/2

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Not Bobic's first time in Ohio. In Cincinnati with an event for the Dayton Dutch Lions above 😅. 

As Bobic played against the Dayton Dutch Lions for a charity team of stars in the Dutch Lions first competitive game in 2010.
Worked for the Dayton Dutch Lions as their Media Manager in 2010. So went out on the town once in Dayton with Bobic and Oliseh and once in Cincinnati with Sanneh, Bobic, and Oliseh. Weird.

Bobic defends USA trip

The journey across the big pond of course calls for critics of the plan. These critics claim that such a preparation would not be ideal for the players. Bobic, however, replied that: "We should get this out of the head right now. We are high performance athletes. For every tennis player this is a blow in the face when the footballer says: Now I'm tired. The player always flies around the continents and has to return immediately. So, I will not admit that." 

Other teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, or Borussia Dortmund would have no problem. In addition, the sports board justifies the journey with the internationalization of the club and the league. "I believe we have to play our part in the league's presentation," says Bobic, referring to the already sold tickets for the three friendlies against the clubs from Major League Soccer (MLS). The stadiums are therefore already 75% full. 
"Not so bad for a team that is not so noticeable worldwide," Bobic says.

75% full. Sure about that? If so should just play Bundesliga teams in the Summer then. 😄
Columbus Crew SC will meet Eintracht Frankfurt last after the Sounders and San Jose on July 17th.

FC Cincinnati Opens Up New Section for Crew SC on June 14th

I bought my own two last night because I travel three hours to Crew games anyways. My only days off are Wednesday's so mise well make it four hours.

Last night the only section open was 101. Well looks like FC Cincinnati has opened up half of Section 102 since Section 101 is almost completely filled with Crew fans.

Gets yours here:
I counted 351 Crew fans so far from my best guess in two days. Keep it going.

Well that's different

Are the Crew selling tickets at prom now? 😆


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