Wednesday, June 7, 2017

508 Crew Tickets Sold as of Today for 6/14.

I was going to do an update on Crew fan tickets sold for the US Open Cup Match at Nippert Stadium on 6/14 today and then I saw this tweet for an article, which said we have sold out four sections and by that count we have purchased 1,100 tickets. 😮

I was like dang and believed it for a hot second and then re-looked the numbers over. 

You can yourself by going to this link and putting in "CREW17" for the code.

I counted 351 at the end of June 2nd. 

I figured this graphic meant they only opened the first 17 rows in 102 as why would we sell out all the back rows? 😆

Were not doing Gregg Berhalter tactics or subs here.. That's not nice.

We'll there were 30 tickets left in Section 101 that we purchased because now that section gives you a SOLD OUT screen. 

So in total that's 350 fans in that section. 

Those 30 tickets sold in 101 make it 381 in total if added to the June 2nd total I came to.

In addition there were 49 of the available 374 in Section 102 purchased on June 2nd. 

Today there has been 176 of 374 purchased in Section 102.

Meaning 127 more seats have been purchased in that section. Bringing us to a total Crew fan tickets sold at 508 as of the start of June 7th.

I know I could be off by a couple. You try to count dots. 😒

With what is ours by my count by June 14th if we sell out we can have 704 Crew SC fans in our sections in Nippert.

There's now some random available ones farther back in section? Not sure what the hell that is. Just my best guess. 


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