Monday, May 1, 2017

Well... A bit shambolic defensively. GSH's for 5/1

What if she is a hot college babe? If so, kid is a businessman. 

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Defense problems.

Not apparently resolved. That was bad.

From just about all except Nicolai Naess. 

Afful continues to struggle in 2017. That pass that created goal number 3. What is the thought there?

Some pressure over by the touch line, "Hey I know. Let's get the ball and pressure closer to our goal."

Mensah is not a DP, and Raitala once in a while could be subbed for Waylon Francis.

But, Berhalter dislikes Waylon Francis I guess? 

Oh and then don't forget defensive midfield stalwart Mohammed Abu. Who to be fair was better overall compared to last week.

But, who's effort at getting back at times is complete shit.

And even Captain Trapp wasn't great.

I think Crew SC needs to all hold hands and have a team retreat somewhere before the next game.

All of that sort of wasted..

Some great moments from Federico Higuain before we went into bunker ball mode.

Perhaps fearful of Pirlo, Villa? Oh they didn't play. How could one forget with it being mentioned constantly. Guys are like 50 so maybe NYCFC is better without? Shocking.

Well.. Maybe we were fearful of the Curse of Ben Sweat as we went into some crap bunker or let's take a break form after taking the lead.

Sweat was the best LB on the field Saturday. And if you didn't catch Burgess mention 374 times was one of three new starters NYCFC fielded.

Which doesn't matter too much if they do the business over a lot of others that are a tad bit overrated. Which they did.

Artur, where art thou?

We better sign this guy somehow long term.

If we can do that I really don't care what happens the rest of the year.

We go from a questionably 1st place side to 4th in 2 games. Please just be gone for two more.


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