Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Lion of Mesopotamia.. Thoughts on Crew SC v. Le Impact

Thank you Justin Meram. 

That was quite amazing and very very needed.

7 goals in 12 games for a midfielder? If Columbus does anything in 2017 your looking at the main guy, or pair him with another one or two, that will propel that.

When you have players like Meram and Artur on the field you have a chance to be a very high caliber team. So, in addition, very very nice that Artur is back.

If the Crew want to make an ambitious signing I would put a lot towards getting Artur secured off of loan somehow if you can. 

That kid is very good. 

A couple months into the season, I can understand Berhalter's fascination with Brazil now even more so. 

Almost signed Zeca in 2015, hired a full time guy to run around down there and be a consultant, and even did preseason there. Makes solid sense every time now Artur is on the field.

Other thoughts:

* Felt Mensah overall had a strong game.

* Well, Berhalter is still as bad at subbing as his assistants are.

I'm glad Manneh finally started but am I wrong to think he actually brought some danger to the right side for once?

Why sub him in the 63rd then and keep Adam Jahn on for 89 minutes? 😒 Ok?

Substitutions once again almost bumbled away another win.

Berhalter has some thanking of Justin Meram to do himself.

*I'll give Manneh's substitution Hansen credit nevertheless for his decision on the hat trick goal.

Meram passed it to him.

He didn't mess around. Knew it was the Meram show, Meram's night, gave it back a half second later.

Good idea. Making good decisions like that will get you as far as goals will.


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