Thursday, May 25, 2017

Quoteables: Barros Schelotto Trying to Bring a Championship to Boca as a Manager

Has won 7 league titles as a player: 6 times in Argentina Primera and once with Columbus. 


Guillermo did not come to Boca to play undisciplined or unprofessional players. He did not come to win two games and tie or lose the next denouncing a mediocre profile. He did not come to justify what he did off-the-field So-and-So or Mengano. He did not come to lose his patience in practice, to bite his lips and to finish them abruptly. He did not arrive either to enter a round trip with some journalists who celebrate him even when he says "good morning" and they sing him the happy birthday. He came to embrace the glory.

That sounds great but then the finish, a few paragraphs later.

Guillermo always wanted to return to Boca. He always wanted to revitalize it in the name of dedicating oneself to the present. Go back to win everything (Copa Libertadores and Club World included) playing very well. The complete combo. The ideal film. The dream, in short. Today that movie and the construction of the dream, it seems a fiction. And for the moment it is a fiction.

If Berhalter thought Crew fans complain, 😅 after a win on May 20th against Newell Old Boys Boca is in 1st by four points in the Argentina Primera.

And that articles ending at least is sort of saying meh.. 

Sure, there's still 5 games left (15 points on the table) but man... You guys are in first. Believe. 😄

I'm sure any Crew fan would believe when it comes to Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

Funny enough it may all come down to the final day against two or three time recent Crew SC target Lucas Gamba and Union de Santa Fe.

Gamba looked pretty good in this game a month back (scoring twice):

If you have extra bucks and a desire to catch the run up to the final on June 24th recommend Fubo.TV, I pay $40 bucks a month for nearly all channels. Have watched Guillermo's Boca twice and Lucas Gamba twice.


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