Friday, May 26, 2017

Pregame: Keep it Trill

Tonight's winner wins The 2017 Edition of The Trillium Cup.

The head-to-head trophy, awarded to the winner of the three game series between Columbus Crew SC and Toronto FC.

If you're feeling especially festive. You could even get your own Trillium Cup on Ebay 👀😅.

Could be a royal way to drink your favorite beverage. 

Whether at home by your lonesome (watch here online or with pals at Hendoc's this fine evening.

In addition, regardless of your thoughts on the importance of the trophy... Winning the trophy is much more meaningful in my opinion this season. 

As that means we bested Toronto FC over the year and the series which no one else has done at all, ALL YEAR.

There one loss this entire season came against us. So, let's make it two and celebrate around their surgically enhanced 😃 BMO Field.

Would be a boost to team confidence regardless of who plays or doesn't for them. Would put us only four behind them in the standings.

And when life gives you an orange, or a Toronto without Giovinco, you got to run with it and take advantage.

Sometimes you just got to go for it. If a guy can fully train he can play, simple.

Tired of this fitness crap regarding Manneh, Afful now (I guess? 🙄), and so on.

Got to go for it with your best if you can because next December you'll be wishing you had.

When Artur has played 70 or more minutes in a game were 5-1. So, don't care if you want to rest Ethan, but if Artur's fine has to play.


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