Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Preferred Lineup and Tactics vs. TFC

They talked about this..
Now they have to put it into action because frankly they have no choice.

Jonathan Mensah is a designated player and has to play; and I don't think he shouldn't or has been bad.

Crognale has been probably the best Crew rookie ever.

Both together is what you want your center backs to be. Big, strong, imposing. It's perfect so looking forward to that building.

Even though they've said Artur is now just questionable for Wednesday, Berhalter is a man of his word and not one to rush people back so think Nicolai Naess starts in defensive midfield again.

My question though is when Crognale, Mensah, and Naess are all 100% percent where does Naess go? As he has been excellent all season. I probably quietly prefer him over everyone back there.

Also, I would start Waylon Francis again and I'm apparently not alone from my survey about Saturday's game. 

I have Ethan Finlay in the lineup, not because it's what I want exactly but what I expect.

Finlay actually should've had an assist for Kamara early on in the game on a finish that Kamara shanked. Wasn't a bad performance.

Also, every time I put Manneh in this sort of write up no one ever sees him, so trying to mix it up if it's a Crewture voodoo curse.


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