Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pregame: Just Do It On The Field

My starting lineup I would go with against Seattle tonight is above.

I would plug Artur back in fully because were 5-1 when he plays 70 minutes or more.

I would put Jukka Raitala back at LB, if he hasn't already headed on duty with Finland. When he was up there with more consistency earlier in the year we saw more success.

I think Francis can play a role and will get time in our various formations; especially farther up field when we play just three backs. But, just want to see the roster that won more when we were 4-2-1 this year.

Go with what works.

Same with Finlay. We had more success this year when he was at RM over Hansen and Manneh.

I think Hansen can be a great 20 minute sub currently, which is fine since he is a rookie.

And of course it goes without explanation that Crognale needs to start over Mensah.

Talk is wonderful. Know they have to do this stuff and say this stuff. But, a strong group with great intensity is nice, but.. 

Sure I'm not alone on the don't care to listen and then see the opposite. Just want to see it on field

Just want more consistency. Roster, formation, and fight-wise. Consistency leads to results.

In 2008, I think we changed our starting lineup, formation like once or twice if it wasn't for injury. Just saying.


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