Friday, May 5, 2017

GSH's for 5/5.. Martinez goes on loan.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

That big trade you were all waiting for..

As Matt Doyle said this earlier in the week,

Who knew that sole "trade" or rather short-term deal would be with FC Cincinnati? 😕 

As Cristian Martinez will likely finally get some play now on loan with FC Cincinnati. Link.

But, why with FC Cincinnati and not our affiliate the Pittsburgh Riverhounds?

Same level, couldn't the Riverhounds use Martinez positionally as well? Or just Cincy?

Could understand that if Riverhounds couldn't use. But, Riverhounds are kind of bad. 

Kind of a crap partner when we give our best loan to FC Cincinnati. No?

Honestly, Martinez probably deserves another go here. In my recent survey 24% of fans said out of all players not getting time, he should see the field more often. 

Beating Waylon Francis and not far behind Kekuta Manneh.


How will we sell out..

Without Kei Kamara there tomorrow to bring some life for once to Mapfre Stadium?

Not sure what this is all about.

Should get a Peaky Blinders haircut. 

Maybe looking more gangster, will play more gangster. 😄


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