Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gameday GSH vs. Toronto FC

Perhaps not too many hands on deck for Toronto FC again

Despite this article yesterday, link.

Altidore and Bradley may or may not play tonight for Toronto FC because they may be in need of a break; as Giovinco didn't travel to Seattle on Saturday to be prepared for tonight.

I figure that may be a bit more of a loss than what was missing for Toronto the last time out against Crew SC. 

But, I say yeah right. If this is some way to trip up Crew SC's Berhalter-less staff good try. They'll play.

Figure it's too tempting to be 6 points over us as well at this part of the season.

Dancing with the Stars Columbus

Columbus Crew SC is at the stadium prepping for tonight's game and it appears from this that Mohammed Abu has got the moves.
Artur out and Naess playing in front of him in a position Naess rarely plays, I may find it hard to dance. But, good on him.

Columbus only team to beat Toronto so far this year.

Can they do it twice?

If they do they'll be tied for top of the league again tonight. 

And Trillium champions!


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