Monday, May 22, 2017

Crew SC's $10 K a Week Deal Snubbed by Ryan Jack

According to HITC, the Crew were prepared to land Ryan Jack on what is or nearly was a designated player type contract. $10 K a week, $675,000 in total.

I wonder what the plan was there if Columbus did? 

Because he's a defensive midfielder and at that price he's playing.

Crew SC are 5-1 in 2017 when Artur plays more than 70 minutes. 

Wil Trapp is the Captain. Hard to be a Captain on the bench.

The question was if we did acquire him (and nothing is totally finalized for Rangers yet, let's not call it until it's pen to paper) do we have $675,000 to spend? Or who was leaving Crew SC?

Interesting and would be to know if Berhalter has any backup plans? 

Sure that something will come up in the next week or two because at 6-6-1 this team is better but not complete yet.


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