Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Real Story on Kekuta Manneh and Berhalter.. GSH's for 4/25..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Kekuta Manneh

Was so tired of hearing "he's not physically fit enough yet" and "still in our plans." 

Finally a bit closer to the truth in this article from Andrew King.

“I don’t think fitness is a problem for me,” Manneh said. “Do they play a bit differently? Yes. Does it require a bit more running than maybe I’m used to? Yes. But I think I’m 90-minute fit to play any game anywhere in the world. I’ve been fit to play since I’ve been here.”

Manneh played 136 minutes prior to coming here with Vancouver this season. Tony Tchani played 0 before going there. If anyone shouldn't have been fit enough to play should have been Tony Tchani.

But, since Tchani has 173 minutes for Vancouver. Plus, 26 in the Concacaf Champions League.

Manneh has 0. And zero.

Manneh left a tweet after being left in Columbus again this past week #ROCKBOTTOM. 

Berhalter, who had previously pointed to Manneh’s lack of fitness as an issue, on Tuesday indicated that it was his performances in training that now needed to improve. 

Perhaps eventually will get to the real problem...

As had a feeling this wouldn't go ideally when you have four starters and get a fifth guy that should likely be a starter as well. 

The last guy that tried to replace Ethan Finlay is now in Spain. 

The fact is Berhalter is not willing to sit anyone in the front four, even if Justin Meram is the only one that needs to be in there at all times. 

Even when Ethan Finlay is near the bottom of where he can go, he still always requires at least 30 minutes.

Just got to fully decide one way or the other on him and that position. 

Otherwise, you find yourself here.

Artur injury gives Abu opportunity

Yes!!! 😋 

You would get the sarcasm if you read Crew fan comments on BigSoccer, Reddit, or well anywhere after Saturday's game.

Even this article hinted to Naess as still an option at defensive midfield, Link.

If you trade for Manneh and he can't find a minute. But, totally fine with this sort of play..

Best of luck to us.

Chances are Manneh's first game cannot be that bad.

Something nicer please


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