Monday, April 3, 2017

GSH's for 4/3.. Manneh, ESPN Power Rankings are dumb, Crognale

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.


Manneh on Manneh, Columbus

My favorite is every time Manneh looks to the dude on the right, guy nods profusely. But, only when Manneh looks at him. 😄

Things I wish MLS followers would stop

Attendance talk/predictions. 
Power rankings. Non-serious ones can be cool/fun/oddly more likely on target.

There are just about 14,000 power rankings now and they mostly all suck. Here's a great power ranking... It's called standings.

Guess who is really Number 1? The first place team aka us. Walaa.

Guess who is 2nd? The 2nd place team. Portland (10 points as well).

Portland is 2nd because they tied Kei Kamara's uninspiring New England and their 4 points at home.

And lost to us the week prior. So how do they beat us by two spots and our six points to their one over the last two weeks?

Cooler tifos than all?

Hilarious to me we were 1st in the East last week too and 15th overall in the Power Rankings.

Related image

Such pointless crap. I swear soccer fans just get really bored, have had too much college.

Same with this Opta expected goals; which I kind of like but is just as much a pointless calculation of things that didn't happen.

Are you supposed to be more pissed because your team created more chances that they missed? Or more pissed that they didn't create any chances to miss?

I wish Crew fans could cool down the hype train...

Ready to blow that whistle about 100 times a week.

Alex Crognale has been great in his first two starts. 

But could we act like that's what they're supposed to do? Not lose our minds when someone has a good start.

The second article says or wants him to assure his spot in the starting eleven. Ok?

Just let things go as they are if it's working great, keep it as it is.

Can't he just be a rookie doing great when he gets in which will be about every two out of five games more than likely regardless. 

Instead of making him an all out starter, putting pressure on it?

Let him grow.

Were winning. Just keep rotating as is. It's okay.

Everyone has a moderator.
Left the Nordecke Facebook group one day when I tried to post a message and it was like "wait until a moderator approves it." I'm like okay peace.

Nobody cares. But, Nordecke name was my "how about this?" in 08'. Introduced it on the early days of this website and BigSoccer.

Now have to wait for some random guy, Chuck, that's friends with Bob and Scott to approve my post. 

Haha, yeah I'm alright. 

If a domain like Reddit, Bigsoccer is an important meeting spot for Crew SC fans then should have moderators voted on yearly. Only job where people just become moderator for no one knows why? 

I just really hope technology catches up to moderators eventually.. 

Like it's attempting to do with machines to replace check out clerks, waiters, and etc. 😄


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