Thursday, April 13, 2017

GSH's for 4/13.. Manneh, Ketterer, Past Player Obsession.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.

Good advice. Can hear that.

Saravia having a tough year; yet, can come out better for it I think. 

He's got a good mentality. Good luck with getting back.

What in particular is going on with Manneh?

Berhalter had some thoughts, a bit odd ones, on Kekuta Manneh today and if anyone gets it. Please share.

Cheers to Erickson by the way for often replying. Appreciate it. 

But, still what is Berhalter saying? If 3G just doesn't want to start Manneh yet it's okay, he is the manager.

Why do we care so much about past players?

This was brought to my attention by Crew fans on Twitter. Apparently Dominic Oduro asked to leave Columbus. How dare he?
Most comments did not mention that he also, in the same article, plainly asked to join Columbus. 

Considering that he wasn't missed much months after, let alone when Kei Kamara got around, should we say thanks?

Speaking of which. Here's a dumb question on another past player.

19 goals in 28 games or 9 goals in 26? Tough one there.

On top of that, all the other players we gained over the next year and a half from should answer that for most fans of our team.

Questioned it most of last year. 

May have preferred another guy arguing over the PK to get the boot. But, not too much now.

And look I loved Dom Oduro when he was here. I loved Kei Kamara when he was here.

Both had great moments during their time and in both situations we moved on at the correct time. It's okay.

Live and let live.

Has been 3rd string before.
“At Bradley, I came in as the third-string keeper at best. When you play this position, you know only one guy can play on the pitch,” he said. “You need to be patient and work hard. I sat for two and half years at Bradley and that paid off in the end.”

His former coach in high school:

“The funny thing about Logan is that it seems he’s initially and always underestimated, so I thought he might be overlooked this time as well,” Oakland said. “But I also thought whatever team gave him the chance, and wherever that might be, was going to find out quickly that they had a steal.”


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