Monday, April 17, 2017

Crew vs. TFC was finding a way

With four goals a piece, Justin and Ola have 8 out of the Crew's 11 on the season. Picture: Greg Bartram/ USA Today

After Chicago last week, made the statement "well, could've gone the other way."

That likely was generous. We deserved a tie at best

Yet, Crognale and Hansen almost (almost- a word that doesn't count for much) had goals second half at Chicago.

Could say exactly the opposite last night. That game could've ended with a Toronto FC victory.

Was a dog fight, a battle and the Crew came out. Clawed their way out of an Armageddon hideout.. to 3 points.

That's why I find that game quite satisfying; as doesn't happen last year. 

Nevertheless, currently we go down at home to Toronto, Portland and still find a way to get the crucial three points.

The win is 10 out of 12 points at home in 2017. If Crew SC can get it done at home, in front of the Nordecke, they will be much better than alright. See 2008's record.

On travels, get ties on the road stay near .500 and were cool.

Currently the Crew are in a stretch of 10 Eastern Conference opponents in a row. Toronto was game 3 out of those 10 games.

So far Columbus is 2-1. If they get near 9-1, 8-2, 7-3. Could put themselves in a desirous, envious position very early on in the East.

The two teams from New York (New York and New Jersey) come up next. 

They currently rank as teams 5 and 4 in the East. With good results we could create some space between ourselves and the lower playoff selections. 

Crewture 90 in 10:


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