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Crew SC vs. Red Bulls: Keys To Approaching, Achieving a Nordeckian πŸ˜ƒ Result of Masterpiece Tomorrow Against RBNY

The Talk Buildup

“The one quality that Steve Clark had for the way they play is that he had the best feet coming out of the back, like he was the first attacker,” said Marsch. “Steffen has good feet, but not as good, so it puts more on their defensive three including Wil Trapp -when he drops with the center backs and is not able to spread the field as much. They will try to create overloads and match-ups and we will be there to try and stop it.”

Clark is better out of the back, has better feet than Steffen? Hmm.. That's kind and all but sure I have a highlight or five to dispute that.

Berhalter is also concerned with that part of the field and the Red Bulls' press against the Crew's back 6 or 7 field players. 

"They're space orientated, put more pressure on the ball, they block lanes and it's difficult to play through." 

"But, how long can they hold up doing that? How long can we move them around? Yet, it's fun against the Red Bulls because is a challenge."

"With their pressure we have to hold onto the ball better, play quicker, and be comfortable dealing with their pressure." -Artur 

Definitely the Crew's main focus. The Red Bull pressure farther up the field compared to most teams. 

RBNY is willing to challenge right away instead of letting Crew SC have free reign with the ball. See Orlando City 1st half at Crew SC or many teams.

Most just let Columbus take charge. Red Bulls, Marsch look to challenge that.

The Crew also need to keep the Red Bulls set pieces to a minimum or their success on set pieces.

“We know they have a lot of quality on set pieces (see their first goal last week), good plays, as you’ve seen throughout the year, they can hurt a lot of teams on set pieces, so we have to be tuned in 110 percent on set pieces against them," said Justin Meram.

Therefore, the keys are:

Set pieces.. 

And the battle between the Crew's back 6, 7 field players V. NYRB pressure as that is where everything offensively will begin either way.

Who's winning that will win the game.

“They are a very good team. What’s great about them: they have a philosophy, a way of playing. We’ve seen that in the last game, they kind of adapt their play - not playing as much from the back, but they still have a lot of technical quality in defense and in offense to be very dangerous,” said Aurelien Collin.

But not more technical quality compared to last year?

Lineup Last Time Out for RBNY

In a 2-0 win at home against DC United. was even perplexed/thought the Red Bulls were going with the 4-2-2-2 again.

But, actually the last time out the Red Bulls re-debuted a 4-2-3-1 (as I guess DC United is the fun team to roll out new formations against) with Klejstan more in the middle, Muyl on the right, Royer on the left. 

Here's an explanation in Andrew Erickson's article:

After experimenting with a 4-2-2-2 at times early this season, New York reverted back to a 4-2-3-1 against D.C. United. The result: a 2-0 victory, New York’s first since March 11.

“I think (a 4-2-3-1 puts Kljestan) in a role in which he can influence the game more because he’s very good at doing that, so by playing a 4-2-3-1, it gives him an opportunity to be in spots where he can make that final pass and get towards goal more and make his teammates look better,” Berhalter said. “I think in the 4-2-2-2 with him playing wide, I think it takes him away from where he needs to be to be effective," said Berhalter.

Crew's Last Lineup

Crewture's Expected Lineup for this Game
Hmm.... today's future? I think DP's have a perhaps weird priority to be on the field if they can regardless? And Crognale and Naess can't be taken off the field currently either. Would be totally ridiculous to sit either now with their form

Anyway, in Week 3 the last time the Crew played 3 CB's think Crognale, Mensah, Naess happens against DC United if Mensah wasn't out then thanks to a red card.

And the matchup kind of works if Red Bulls have Bradley Wright-Phillips up top alone. If you wanted to play 3 back on occasion this season a sole forward CALLS FOR IT compared to 2 forwards or 3 forwards.

Berhalter should send Marsch a "thank you card" for it after.

The 3 back formation may finally give Manneh a chance AS WELL to play a role. A change of formation may seem like less of a snub to Finlay or his replacement last game Niko.

May be a good excuse for using or needing Manneh.

Maybe Finlay only gets 30 minutes every game regardless because if not the world will end tomorrow... Or this time that 30 minutes at the end goes to Higuain and he gets a little breather in the beginning of this game..

Before someone gives me crap for wanting to sit Higuain out at the start of one game

Remember the guy is 32.
Has been kicking ass (like an assist gangster) so maybe not wear it out.
Think we may need him for 27 more games...

The last time we played three backs in Game 3 against DC..

Yet I think we shake this 3 back formation up quite dramatically where it becomes very hard for the opponent to know what to expect. My prediction:

What do you think tonight calls for? What is your lineup?

Articles used in this preview:

Andrew Erickson's Crew Cuts. 

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