Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Tale of Two Teams

Let's start off with the good news. 

The next three games are all at home.

We look not good on the road unless it's against DC United. 

MLS's Gibraltar, San Marino of 2017 with the Philadelphia Union. 

And unless were playing a three back formation; which in my opinion the Crew should've done last night, once again since NYRB plays with just one striker.

If you somehow luckily missed the game or Crew SC on the road at Houston and in general. Here's our highlights:

Thankfully we can disregard for a while back at the friendly MAPFRE confines. 

Regarding lets sell out or give away a lot of tickets for the May 6th game against Kei Kamara at home.

Don't you play here? 

Yeah Nordecke has nothing on that atmosphere.

The bad...

Mohammed Abu is not Artur. Basically, he has stunk so far every time he has approached the field.

-Kyle Crew

I had to post because hit it right on the head with everything for last night.

Here's a weird idea. How about Marshall Hollingsworth with Wil Trapp if you have to recall a Riverhounds loanee for a reason. As not sure why we recalled Lalas if he's not playing here currently?

Doesn't Marshall play midfield or defensive midfield? Well what he did last night looks a tad bit more interesting, scintillating to me than Abu currently.

Guy has been getting Man of the Matches for Riverhounds, assisting, and well doing the above. If he ever deserves a chance is now. Think he may surprise. 

Whereas, think it could be a very long couple of months for Trapp otherwise.

Gee, should I even say.. 😄 Might be nice to have Tony Tchani right now. Since the guy we traded him for, Kekuta Manneh, still can't make the starting 18. Don't even worry about the starting eleven.

Well it is his fitness since he played 150 minutes before being traded here this season. 😒

But, since Berhalter apparently thinks Manneh can play anywhere in the top four positions including striker... May have been damn nice to bring him on for 30 at the end for Ola who forgot finishing last night with two of these.

I love Ola but sometimes it isn't your game. May have been god being like "hey about those Norway comments."

Or you could've brought Manneh on in the 60th for Niko instead of Ethan Finlay.

Oh I forgot the world ends if Ethan Finlay doesn't get 30 minutes.

I think Ethan Finlay is deep down a good player and can give us something. But, Berhalter has to decide if he is still that player for us or not and make a decision. 

Instead of bringing in a possible replacement that can't make the 18. Just strange. Not going to be a good situation in the locker room either way eventually. 

How about another good thing? Were still in 1st place if Orlando City doesn't show up today. 

Regardless, the Crew need to resolve their road form after this home stand.


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