Sunday, April 2, 2017

4/2/17- Meram & Crew Makes It Happen

Sam Fahmi/Massive Report. Link.

Justin Meram does the brace to be tied for 1st on the team with goals.

Alex Crognale vs Orlando City

Alex Crognale has two starts and two clean sheets.

Federico Higuain had another killer pass that set up Meram's position for his second.

Wil Trapp cleaned things up and stopped a lot of Orlando City's openings in midfield. Artur was good as well again, a nice pass himself on the first assist.

Columbus dominated the first half in possession. Looked like Kreis was ready to lose his mind
 on the sideline at times, "like what do we do? Can't even get the ball."

The beginning of the second half wasn't as good again, lapse in team concentration?

But they worked through it.

Question though.. Do these two have a 30 minute goal celebration session each week? 😃
If so. Can understand the focus. I'm sure they'll both have many opportunities. The previous week:

Defense looks much more solid no matter what we go with, great depth. Offense has been good, may even get better with this guy.

Problems? Can't think of much.


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