Saturday, April 1, 2017

4/1/17- Crewture Expected Starting Eleven vs. Orlando City

Because of a likely change of Crognale for Mensah.

If Berhalter feels more comfortable using Crognale just in a three back since it worked so well the last time. Then were going with that.

If he feels more comfortable using the familiar against any offense that were a bit more fearful of then stays the same as last week with the back four.

DC was the right team to try a change of formation since they couldn't score if there were three goals to try in.

I'm having a feeling it's Crognale and therefore we go back to a three back. 

Also, we stick with Waylon because it's a 3 back and Waylon is more the threat offensively than Raitala. Think anyone could see that last week.

But, also think Berhalter wants to try him in this formation. Fair enough since Raitala just flew to Finland, Turkey, Austria this last week.

Francis, if he does, hurts us much less defensively up farther.

Think it's a good time perhaps to give Higuain, a Higuain break for a game since he's 32 and has had two good games.

Give Hansen a go right next to Meram in an attacking midfield. Think that could be a bit interesting.

I also see another rookie coming in. Abubukar one of the early subs for Williams if things are going well.

Last starting lineups for both teams:

Think Berhalter wants to keep opponents guessing this year week to week. So, wouldn't be surprised with us going back to a three back.

What's your expected lineup?


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