Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4/11/17: Not Playing Manneh Saturday Didn't Make a Ton of Sense If The Injuries Were Actual. A Few Things Didn't.

The guy should be game fit? No?

He's played a heck of a lot more prior to the trade than Tony Tchani had. 136 minutes more than Tchani's 0. Since the trade, Tchani has 85 in MLS action for Vancouver, 29 in the Concacaf Champions League.

If someone wasn't fit game wise, shouldn't it have been Tony Tchani?

I don't think the loss is the biggest travesty considering the lineup we had to go with, with injuries. Although didn't agree with the lineup we had to go with.

If you needed an excuse to give Manneh 90 minutes that game pretty much called for it, just put Manneh in Higuain's position. Makes more sense than Artur.

Would've made a hell of a lot more sense than pushing a third defensive midfielder farther up the field. A favorite Berhalter go to when no Higuain at times last year too.

Nevertheless, I don't think the lineup played particularly bad and with some better luck gets out with another win.

Weren't the better team the first half, but were the better team the second; and were unlucky not to convert on Crognale or Hansen's chance.

The only three teams possibly in better position than us still in points or games played and points are Portland, Orlando, and FC Dallas. 

We've beat two out of those three. Only team that has beat those first two this year. Still in 1st in the East as well.

So, still in a good position. 

Yet, think the plan could've been a bit better for last Saturday. Berhalter has to take off the baby shoes a bit more with non-Brazilian new signings.
You really need your thumb for soccer? Sounds like crap to me, even though I think Jimenez did well enough filling in there.


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