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3/8/17: Tony Tchani is in the doghouse.

Tony Tchani is in the doghouse.

The Massive Report had the following article,

Hmm. Pretty sure that's the definition of in the doghouse.

A guy who has been here for a legitimate week (Artur) beat out a guy with 130 Crew starts.

Tchani is about as far into the doghouse as one could get. I'm sure nobody that knows Tchani asked "how's today going?!"

And Tchani was like, "well, you know good."

"I've started here for the last four years but didn't even make the roster. A lot of competition, I understand."

Go back to 2016. There are two starting defensive midfielders.

One has about as bland of a 2016 season, if not more so..

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 And ends up team captain this year.

And an All Star last year. With 29 starts and an assist that All Star season. 😕

That's like becoming a MLB All Star for one walk, that the clean up man turned into a RBI.

In general, they need to completely change how a MLS All Star honor is achieved. 
Make it less of a pick of all big names. Even big names that joined a month prior and haven't done anything in MLS 😃.  
After that you don't need to pick someone from each team. Think that's how Trapp gained the honor. Crew no longer had another Kamara. Or anyone interesting to league offices.
Make it perhaps at the end of the season.  
Make it an all MLS game instead of against some ridiculous European squad, that doesn't even help ratings or interest towards the game.  
Let fans or even better non-MLS MLS media vote on it. 
Or get rid of it. 
Although think there could be a way to make it a honor and not some way to get a bunch of MLS players on camera and on MLS media and their gimmicks. With half, usually the big names, not deserving it.
 Think it could be a very cool American touch on soccer that other leagues don't have. To celebrate it's players. But done completely wrong.
The other doesn't even make the roster this year.

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The only play I remember from either in 2016 is :14 seconds in.

So take that for what you want. Actually was one of the only moments from 2016, other than Higuain's opening day cheeky goal, worth remembering.

And I'm not saying Tchani was much better than Trapp in 2016, but worse?

And if Tchani is not in the doghouse and it's just because of a lot of competition...

Then you can also come to the conclusion that Berhalter doesn't look for problems where the problem doesn't really live. So, he can skirt a bigger problem or two.

If you want to go with problems from last year; I would pick perhaps Ethan Finlay or Federico Higuain or the entire defense before Tchani as something that needs ironed out.

Tchani wouldn't be anywhere near the first to be circled on the problem list.

Hopefully the Abu and the Artur projects are worth the transition and time and Tchani isn't better than Wil? Debatable for me.

Although would be more troubling to put up for debate. And that's why we find ourselves here.

Along with the fact that the two weren't good enough in 2016 together.

But, Trapp is the big homegrown hope. One the Crew can point to for that progress, that they're failing to achieve anyway without a Crew 2.

So, boom. Tchani is in the doghouse and in my opinion on his way out. He's too proud of a guy to take it on the chin. Don't blame him and he shouldn't, has been here since 2011. Oldest guy here along with Meram.

Thought Trapp was good in the opener. Just think it's a bit unfair on Tony and wouldn't blame him if he wanted to move on if it continues.

The thing is I'm not totally convinced that Abu or Artur may be better than him. One may be better than Trapp, but Trapp is Captain.

*Cough cough* Should've made Meram Captain. 😉 But, think it goes back to that homegrown thing. That only the Crew SC team seems to care about.

Think of it this way. What if Tchani was the homegrown player?


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