Monday, March 6, 2017

Thoughts on Home Opener. GSH's for 3/6.

Pictures by Sam Fahmi, Link.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.


"I think they did well. All of them did well," Berhalter said of his new players after the 1-1 tie. "When I think about Jukka, he was solid. Jonathan was solid. Mohammed I thought was pretty good. I thought Artur came in and was OK and Zack did well."

-From Erickson's Crew Cuts.

Photos by Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch. Link.

Thoughts on home opener

Better than last season is what I got from the home opener.

We looked much better the 1st half, especially the first 15 minutes.

15 minutes in, could've been 3-0 from a close opportunity by Meram and Kamara; to go along with Finlay's goal.

2nd half we resembled much more the disappointing, disjointed team from last year.

Not as much of the ball and Chicago looked more dangerous.
Mensah, and the Crew, could've been a lot improved in total on Chicago's goal.

But, one game in and one point. It took us until the third game to get our first point last year against Chicago as well.

Here's the thing.. Chicago is much improved too, one would think with McCarty, the absent Juninho, and the top goalscorer from Poland's league Nikolic (28 goals in 37 appearances for Legia Warsaw).

Yes, we should've won. But, could've lost and probably would've in 2016. So, take it and move onto next week.


The good news is were on track one week in for 4th place, not 9th or 10th.

So, yes the sky is already falling for some on Bigsoccer and etc. But, we will be fine.

It will take time for our new defense and everything to gel. But, we've seen much worse recently. I saw enough early on to leave Mapfre Stadium in a much better mood than at the home opener against Philadelphia on March 12th, 2016.

A good result at Houston, against a Houston Dynamo team that played extremely well against Seattle to open the season and everything's okay.

Most crucial: Zack Steffen looked sharp.

He had one save late in the 2nd half getting from a standing position to down on the ground about as quick as one can, that saved the tie I thought.

Trapp did well, Meram had moments, I like Jukka, Higuaín looked good until he ran out of gas as the game went on. Artur looked capable.

Also, I believe Steffen was always slotted to start and Berhalter put it up for debate to attempt to get Zack into the right mindset during preseason.

It would've been better if Crew SC kept the momentum that they started the game with. Further, they still need to finish their chances. But, I think this Crew is capable of getting it done.

One week in were in 4th which will do if we can keep it up.

So let it play out.

Nice to be in the Nordecke

I attempted to get a press credential for Saturday's game. Talked to Carlos Mojica, seemed like a good guy, and seems possible if I catch a game later in the year.

Live in Pennsylvania. So depends on work and a few things.

But, have a Canon XHA1 HD video camera. Used a very similar camera when I filmed, produced Division I College soccer a few years back. Wanted to make a cool video focused on the fans, goal celebrations, the whole experience, etc.

Didn't work out this time which I was okay with because has been a minute since I've been in the Nordecke.

The MLS Cup Final in 2015 was the last time.

So, I was cool with settling to make the following from my phone in the section:

Cristian Martinez goes on loan as well, to get us down to 8 internationals

Martinez in U-20 action earlier this week against Honduras.

I hope Columbus figures something else out for Martinez as the season goes; as I think Cristian has played extremely well for Panama U-20's in the Concacaf U-20 tournament. I've watched all 5 of them.

Panama missed out on qualifying for the U-20 World Cup. They needed to beat Costa Rica Friday and tied.

But, they were the only team to beat the eventual winners of the CONCACAF tournament. The United States, who as a result will be at the U-20 World Cup.

I think Martinez is capable of being loaned elsewhere (similar to Saravia) or even capable of minutes with the Columbus Crew late in games.

Being loaned to the Riverhounds happened I believe because the Crew SC simply ran out of other options and time currently for Martinez.

Riverhounds should be very pleased; as it's only Martinez's international designation that is the reason he's going on loan compared to some others that are with the team currently.

Has to be near the top of USL midfielders.


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