Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Riverhounds, Capos, and an UBER "No Flex" Zone. GSH's for 3/22..

Welcome, welcome, welcome Portland Timbers and you're brethren! Hope you enjoy yourselves and have a wonderfully majestic Mapfre day.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk..

Could I just get all those quotes.

Chances are 90% percent of them will have nothing to do with the Nordecke one way or the other.

Likely some personal abuse stories.. @NordeckeTrump is behind it fallacies.

Wait a minute.. 
Ohh wait a minute.🎜

The Columbus Crew posted this story twice in two days..
So I finally got around to reading and liking it.

And the most interesting thing is........
It was a closed door scrimmage. And we...
allowed The Columbus Dispatch to post the score!? 😲

Ok 😄 credit as the team didn't post the score themselves. But, can you blame them? Squeaking by the Riverhounds isn't especially noteworthy. 

This is a bit more.

Regardless, maybe Crew SC does so uninspiring in all closed to the public games because of the closed to the public tag? Maybe bad luck.

Did the Crew defeat Gremio Osasco or no?

Big props

Or MASSIVE ones.. 

I'm a 100 percent behind well literally behind trying SOMETHING DIFFERENT as is nearly always helpful, productive.. unless it's like drugs.

It won't turn out magnificently or terrible.. But, it will lead to a good solution months away, somewhere in the middle.

Further, I understand the funness. I got berated, hated, laughed at by some for pushing this two stick tifo in 2009.

One of about 400 ideas I was moronic for. The only idea I had that oddly everyone seemed to like was the Nordecke name.

And maybe, just maybe this will turn out similar. Or better than that or better than you think. Is possible no?

Think positive.

I hate to be the bearer of obvious bad news but The Nordecke dislikes anyone that tries anything or puts themselves out there. But, unless you become a robot... If you have an idea, have to open your voice to get it out. 

Even if an attempt to better the section, not an attempt to get more Instagram, Twitter followers or babes is still bad. Either/or it's nevertheless terrible shit.

Well to be fair I did all this Crewture, Nordecke stuff for the babes (I live with my mother), money (waiter), and a Acura. Only fair Crew SC for all I've done!

Anyway, just impressed by the making something happen.

Got the Crew to build and construct a Capo stand on that serenely majestic Mapfre field.

I couldn't even get a press pass and film down there on opening day. 

Like a crinkly old man now. Yet wanted to make a Nordecke vid with the Canon XHA1 I have, and started emailing in January.. Yet, no dice.

Was like I was planning on stealing souls. I just wanted to capture them with my expensive video camera. 😥 

It's going down I'm calling UBER.

uber crew sc lockup

I guess there's a new innovative partnership

God. I'm a Crew fan so I hate partnerships, innovation, any new ideas in general. 

But, what's innovative is you stand in one centralized area to make it easier for your UBER driver to pick up your drunk ass. 

Which is likely needed anyway as Crew Stadium would be an absolute nightmare to get into when a game ends...

I would be like "yeah... No longer an UBER driver." I'm sure there was a scenario or two that led to this innovation.

I'm impressed Crew SC. You've finally done it!


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