Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/30/17- Kekuta to Crew SC is a Low Risk, Strong Bet

His twitter handle: @kekuta16  and some skills:

Could be a killer move for both clubs considering each player may fill a discernible gap better; improve a statistical defcinency for both Columbus and Vancouver.

For Crew SC expected goals to become more goals and for Vancouver defensive midfield in general.

Sort of a no loss move for Columbus with Tchani not making the 18 and the team having at least two, perhaps three additional starting quality DM's in Trapp, Artur, and Abu. In addition, Naess is a solid enough fourth.

In retrospect, the Whitecaps had Russel Teibert (DM) and Alphonso Davies (RM) in positions on March 18th where Tony Tchani would go or perhaps could go in a 2-0 loss at home to Toronto. 

Never hear of them? Me either. 

If you're in need of similar enlightenment both are Canadian homegrown players for Vancouver. 

About all you need to know to know Tchani is likely an upgrade.

In addition, perhaps the Whitecaps feel that they have other players like Manneh in Mazqueida, Bolanos, Montero, Hurtado, and Shea if you want to be generous.

Either way Manneh has still started 2 out of their 3 games and has played 136 more minutes than Tchani so far this year.

Yet, this story mentions that Carl Robinson may have been looking to get something for Manneh while he still can. 

Could be losing him anyway. Last year of contract.

If Columbus can't or don't re-sign him they keep the 1st round pick that they gave up in this deal for next year.

In comparison, Columbus needs someone in attack finishing more chances.

Were top in the league at shots on goal and the Opta expected goals. But, have 7 goals.

Vancouver needs an upgrade or two in the non-attacking half of midfield and Columbus could use another wing, attacking option.

The $300,000 K in allocation is because the 22 year old Manneh with over 100 caps and over 20 goals in MLS already is just a bit more of a commodity.

Especially if you can talk him into a longer contract. If not, you've lost your current 4th string DM for a season and gained a solid attacker for a season.

Despite what Tchani's real worth might be. If that's what you think as Berhalter then it's a low risk, strong bet. 


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