Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GSH's for 3/8..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk.


"If I get 16 goals this year, but we get to the playoffs and we win more games, that will be positive," Kamara said. 

Goal-scoring is what put Kamara on the map in 2016, but he said it's no longer a primary concern with The Columbus Dispatch's Erickson today.

Picture: Sam Fahmi/The Massive Report, Link.
Capo or no capo? 

Put me on the weird side but I was oddly quite pleased with the Nordecke's Opening Day atmosphere.

Could always be better and should try to achieve that.

But, it's been since MLS Cup in 2015 I've been able to stand there.

And was much more pleased after Saturday than previous returns from 2010 on.

As I moved away from Columbus around 2010.

It's great to see it still strong and is.
I've sat in the Nordecke many of times since 2008 and have caught quite a bit there over the years.

I've heard the section much, much more quiet often.

Even times with no chants for 10-15 minutes. But, there were some guys, gals giving their absolute all on chants Saturday.

There wasn't a moment a chant wasn't happening and I was oddly proud. No matter what someone picks up the reigns. Enjoyable and a bit oddly, comforting.

I could pick three I would give a microphone to today and be like go. Three that don't seem super connected to a group, selling T-Shirts, or other bullshit. Talk about it more here yesterday.

And think three like that in general with a mic could get it really booming.

Today there's a Capo Google Doc, that you can do. LINK HERE. Big hats off. Just keep going for the goal and it will happen. If the right people, that are truly invested in chant noise and not Nordecke politics, get a mic think it could really help.

So, all for it personally.

And I think mics in the right hands would make it better.

"Well then chants won't start organically?" 😃 Have heard that since 2008. Lol hate to break it to you guys but it was all these three guys in different parts in the middle of the section all game. Big hats off to them.

And nothing is organic. I killed myself hoarse, knowing every chant, except one that no one else knew either 😅. And haven't been there since December 6th, 2015. So, nothing organic chant wise is likely to occur.

But, those guys actually killed it. I give props because there was never not a chant happening. Over the years there would be 20 minutes of silence. Seen the Nordecke much worse. I don't think that's the problem, just need to amplify it.

Just give them a mic because they were killing themselves all game and deserve it. Are they that truly hard to point out?

No one else, nowhere else even tried to start a chant. Other than La Turbina at times with a drum beat.

No one else even had the will of these guys. Don't know them. But who I would give the mics too. Even in the stands so they can enjoy the game. Don't have to have a capo stand or be visible in front of everyone.

Simple. Give the bearded guy in front of HSH three mics. One for himself, say give it to two other people you know who will do good. Boom. Done. Don't need a survey, petition, bunch of hair pulling out. Just give him the mics and approve it. Make it happen.


Happy International Women's Day

Shout out to two woman teachers today as well. My mom and sis. 😍

A holiday that is worthwhile to celebrate. Congrats to all.

Maloney almost got into the game on Saturday

As a PA boy, I like that Maloney's family was there from Harrisburg and I talked to another fan who ran into Steffen's family from Coatesville, PA.
And apparently Maloney almost got in.

Since Columbus Crew SC is looking to rev up their association with Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds this year. Maybe they could use both to shore up that PA connection.

Crew Academy General Manager Dennis Sanchez speaking to a Pittsburgh Podcast a few weeks back~ 

It would be nice if they could use both for some events in Pennsylvania associated with the Riverhounds in the future. As Crew SC is definitely the team where I live by Erie, PA no question.

Columbus is three hours away, Philadelphia is like seven, lol. Know a few others that make the trip from the Erie and Pittsburgh areas to Crew games.


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