Monday, March 20, 2017

Finishing still needs to be focus for Crew SC. Timbers without key midfielders. GSH's for 3/20..

Timbers de Guzman made the MLS Team of the Week with Valeri, Crognale, and Steffen. But, won't play a role at Columbus.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's: Are the top Crew contemplation's of today. If you're new to the Crew... Video example of what is a Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk..

Expected goals (XG): Steffen's stop. Crew SC finishing on their expected goals

Have a minute, give Steffen a vote as was quite the save.
That play is nearly the expected 1.07 on the weekly OPTA XG for DC United.

DC had another two shots on target all game. 

Columbus had 6 quite good ones on target to gain a 2.21 as their PK's don't count towards that number.

Crew SC may be kicking butt at expected goals with a weekly average of 2.06.

But still not so much on finishing those expected goals.

We were 2.21 for Week 3 on expected goals (xG). You may say well were close on target for once. But, that's not calculating that our goals scored were both penalty kicks. 

And we still should've scored 2.21 goals on top of the penalty kicks we did score.

Columbus 2.21 on expected goals is 4th best in the league this week. Columbus were 2nd in week 2 at 2.18, and 2nd again in week 1 at 1.81.

Columbus's 2.06 average of expected goals every week is only behind Portland's 2.75. And .52 better than Atlanta United.

But, Portland has 10 goals, Atlanta has 11.

Crew has 4. 2 that counted towards this expected goal count. 

Credit in a way for Ola on finding a way regardless. May be what this is all about.

Steffen and Crognale make MLS Team of the Week
Deserved and quite an awesome confidence builder for both. 

Think Mensah might stay on the bench against Portland or will be interesting; as I don't think you have a rookie get on the MLS Team of the Week and then send him to the bench.

Think the outside CB's in that formation need more ball skill like Naess and Williams have.

Berhalter got MLS Coach of the Week which I guess is great?

Well, glad he finally had the cojones to try the new formation he kept talking about, the reason he got 47 center backs. 

Timbers without de Guzman and Nagbe vs. Columbus

Columbus is only without Raitala, which might be nice in a way to at least give Waylon Francis 90 minutes. 

Not a huge drop off going with a guy that has been with Columbus since 2014.

At least compared to two players who got your winner last week:


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